CM Punk takes WWE Title on Tour of Chicago

By most accounts, yesterday’s WWE Money In the Bank Pay Per View was the best complete effort the company has put out in a long long time. It featured 2 great Money in the Bank Ladder matches (won by Alberto Del Rio, expected, and Daniel Bryan, totally unexpected). Christian spitting in Randy Orton’s face so Orton would get disqualified, losing the title based on a match stipulation. Mark Henry putting Big Show out of action to continue his monster push.

And to end the show, the best angle since the “Attitude Era” lived up to the hype, with a grueling 35 minute match, a teased Montreal Screwjob ending and a kiss goodbye. CM Punk won the WWE Title from John Cena much to Vince McMahon’s chagrin and walked out of the arena.

The question is, where did he go after the camera’s went off the air?

According to exclusive pictures from TMZ (I think it is TMZ, the watermark on the pictures is a little hard to read) CM Punk, and friends Ace Steel and Colt Cabana went around Chicago partying with Diet Coke in hand.

So where does one keep the title belt once they get home? If you guessed next to a San Francisco Giants commemorative cup in your fridge, you guessed right!

From CM Punk’s Twitter:

This marks the first time in 25 years a refrigerator in Chicago has been a World Champion.