Coach K Says Austin Rivers Will Have to Adjust to College Game

Complacency kills ..

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is well aware of that, and that is why he is one of the most successful college basketball coaches ever. After seeing his freshman point guard, Kyrie Irving, taken Number 1 overall by the Cavaliers, Coach K gets to work with another high caliber possible lottery pick in Austin Rivers.

The son of Celtics coach Doc Rivers, Austin has commanded national attention since he was a sophomore in high school. Should he jump to the NBA after a year, The Duke shooting guard will be in the running to go first overall in a very strong 2012 NBA Draft that will likely include top prospects Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger, and Jeremy Lamb.

Rivers has yet to play a single game at Duke, however, Coach K is doing his best to keep the ultra talented guard grounded. Krzyzewski recently said:

“He’s got to change, he’s got to learn to become a complete player. For any freshman coming in, there’s a huge difference in playing with older guys, more physical. It’s a whole different thing.”

Mike Krzyzewski has been around the business for a long time. He knows the right things to say to keep his players humble and grounded. By treating him like any other recruit and focusing on basketball fundamentals rather than hype, he is able to give Rivers a better environment to succeed.  Based on pure talent alone, common knowledge tells us that Rivers should be able to make a smooth transition to the college game.

No sweat ..


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