Could Jimmer Fredette Be Taking His Talents To A Mormon Mission?


With the NBA in a lockout, players are scrambling to find something productive to do .. somewhere to take their talents.

Deron Williams has a deal in Turkey, and may be taking Kobe Bryant along with him. Metta World Peace, (known by many as Ron Artest), has embarked on his own comedy tour. And in the periphery, Gilbert Arenas & Co. continue to plank the lockout away.

Yesterday, our friends from TMZ pointed out that with the NBA in a lockout, this might be the perfect time for Fredette to fulfill his mission requirements.

Yes, the NBA is in a lockout and players are very uncertain about their immediate future (as evidenced by all the talk of overseas basketball). However, because the future is uncertain that just might mean that a new CBA could be worked out in time. Who knows?

But as for right now, I would put little stock into this report. What if the lockout ends sooner than expected. The last place Jimmer Fredette would want to be during training camp is in a deserted farm somwhere in Russia.


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