Dallas Cowboys Officially Cut Nine Players

There has been rumors over these past few days of the league year, but it is now official. The Dallas Cowboys have said farewell to a total of nine players that once wore the distinct star on their helmets.

Seven of the nine players that were cut were on the offensive side of the line of scrimmage, including four of last year’s starters. Most notable are offensive linemen Marc Colombo and Leonard Davis. Joining these two linemen on the unemployed list are Robert Brewster and Travis Bright.  Brewster who has become known as the poster boy for the failed 2009 draft, since the Cowboys

In addition to the linemen, the Cowboys also cut Roy Williams, Marion Barber and Troy Bergeron. While Williams and Barber’s cuts have been known, Bergeon’s fate was sealed when he failed to pass a physical today after being injured in the AFL season, according to Todd Archer’s Twitter feed.

On defense the Cowboys released linebacker Kelvin Smith and on Special Teams they released kicker Kris Brown.

These cuts should free up some space for the Cowboys to come in under their salary cap for the season. If not, Tony Romo has stated that he would be willing to restructure his contract,” whenever that time comes, if they need it.”

While his statement seems selfless, it comes at an odd time, seeing as how all of these cuts were made today. I think its Romo’s way of saying nicely, I don’t care who you need to get rid of or bring in, I just want to win.

I can’t knock the guy for having that attitude, but the team will definitely need a more consistent effort from him to produce a winning season.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys will be relying heavily on the free agency market to complete their roster. However, this could propose a potential problem, seeing as how free agents are basically bidding wars. It’s obvious the Cowboys need to do a better job of drafting and developing talent if they want to be play0ff bound.

I just pray these cuts are a step in the right direction.