Dave Chappelle Has Meltdown at Alonzo Mourning Chartity Event.

Dave Chappelle was the headlining the Comedy show at Alonzo Mourning’s “Zo’s Summer Groove”. According to several people in attendance, it didn’t go to well.

CNN Contributor Roland S. Martin @rolandsmartin was in attendance and tweeted the following.

Apparently, Chappelle has a history of being thrown off by hecklers and he was having a problem with somebody recording the performance. Peep the video.

18 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle Has Meltdown at Alonzo Mourning Chartity Event.

  • all the gr8 1s are a bit looney. i still love ya, Dave! No skittles

  • This ain’t what happened at all. I was there. In fact I just came back from it. He didn’t have a meltdown at all. He just stopped caring and diverted into an anti humor rant. Roland Martin is just salty because he didn’t give him and the audience what they wanted. True there were hecklers in the audience. Plenty of them. But that’s the exact reason why he stopped giving a fuck and just did or said whatever came to mind. You can tell he didn’t want to be there no more. But even him doing that, it was still funny as hell lol.

    • Not to argue semantics, but when a headlining comedian on Chappelle’s level stops caring and goes on an anti humor rant and tells one joke in 45 minutes, that’s kind of a meltdown.

      It may have been funny, but funny in the way a drunk guy at a party keeps falling over is funny.

      • Fair enough. anti humor isnt for everyone. but i dont think it ws a meltdown in the slightest. i was reading somewhere he did a show in cali recently and the scenario was the same. starts of hot for 20 minutes then responds to a heckler in the crowd. then goes off on tangents about meaningless stuff. i think at this point he’s kinds of reconfiguring his comedic image. but i know hell lose alot of fans in the process, but he’ll still have my support.

        here’s an insightful article on that subject


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