Dirk Nowitzki Receives Special Gift From Muhammad Ali

Winning a championship has its perks right?

Once you get that title, everything seems right. Late night show appearances, television interviews, and in the case of Final MVP Dirk Nowitzki, you even get babies named after you.

.. even Young Money wants in on the glory ..

In a recent interview with German magazine Spiegel, Dirk stated that a package he had received from Boxing great Muhammad Ali made him the happiest.

In the package was a boxing glove with the inscription, “You are the greatest“. Nowitzki was so pleased and honored that he sent Ali a golden basketball back with a similar inscription.

Every champion gets a championship ring for their efforts. While the ring is symbolic, there are other gifts – such as a package from a boxing legend – that make the whole championship journey worth it. D.J. Mbenga has two rings for his efforts with the Lakers, though that might be more of a case of being at the right place at the right time.

Stories like this make you wonder if the ring doesn’t matter as much ..

Tell that to LeBron ..

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