Dwayne Wade Swats A Kid’s Shot At Hoops Camp, Still Loses


These are the kinds of stories that bubble up to the top when there aren’t any games being played. (By the way, that’s not a lockout blast…it’s a mid-July, there ain’t nothin’ going on blast).

But Dwyane Wade did take a little time to have fun with some kids at his All-Star Basketball Camp. During a shooting contest, Wade pulled out his “old man trying to beat his son in the driveway” tricks to get the best of a young camper…and still lost. Afterward, Wade talked about how it’s probably going to be something the kid never forgets. Certainly it looked like the young man was having a pretty good time. Then again, he was probably just happy that he wasn’t at LeBron James’ camp.



2 thoughts on “Dwayne Wade Swats A Kid’s Shot At Hoops Camp, Still Loses

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