Dwight Howard Might Play Overseas During Lockout

The news of NBA players playing overseas during the lockout just keeps rolling in. Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard told the Associated Press yesterday he would consider playing in China or Europe if the NBA lockout doesn’t end.

Howard, a five-time All-Star who led Orlando to the NBA finals in 2009, stopped short of saying he’s in contract discussions with teams overseas.

“I’m not at liberty to talk about it,” he said, “but there’s a huge possibility about me going to China or me going overseas to play basketball.”

Tall black guy playing with medium height Chinese men; that’s a site to see.

I’m pretty sure the Magic front office and fans are cringing at this news. I understand the players want to stay in shape and keep their skills sharp if there is no NBA season, but injuries will be a huge concern.

David Stern and the Orlando Magic doesn’t approve of this story.

Stay tune for more news on NBA players taking their talent overseas.

One thought on “Dwight Howard Might Play Overseas During Lockout

  • Those Chinese players that Dwight would be playing against will be way above average height, just like the players in the NBA. Some will be even close to Yao Ming’s height. With that said, it should pretty much be a walk in the park for Dwight because the quality of players in China is significantly lower than the NBA.

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