Dwyane Wade Files Lawsuit Against Twitter & Email Hackers

Remember this video of D Wade?

You should, because BSO brought it to your attention (Video: Dwyane Wade Has a Message For Twitter Hackers…”Imma Thug”) last month.  At the time we thought Wade was joking about people hacking into his accounts.

It appears though Wade is taking it more seriously than we imagine.

NBA superstar Dwyane Wade filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas, on Monday to apply for an injunction against hackers he accuses of illegally accessing his email and social media accounts.

Wade claims in the suit that hackers, whose identities are unknown, accessed his personal email and Twitter accounts from Jan. 2007 until June 2011 and either viewed or obtained personal and business information.
According to the suit, the hackers changed account passwords; modified account settings; reviewed personal and business communications between Wade and third parties, including his ex-wife; sent vulgar and threatening emails that purported to be from Wade; and used Wade’s likeness to obtain other information by email.

The lawsuit names the defendants as “John Doe Nos. 1-50” and lists Internet Provider addresses from California, Texas, the Netherlands and Canada. Wade claims in the suit the hackers gained access to both of his personal email accounts.

99% of athletes who say their accounts have been hacked are lying, Wade claims seem to be legit and when in doubt just sue random people.  Wade wants 5k and his legal fees to be taken care of by the hackers.

If the court system doesn’t handle the hackers, maybe Wade can contact JR Smith for use of his twitter goons.

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