Eric Williams Speaking on Divorce From Jennifer Williams “I’m Free Like OJ”


Anytime an athlete compares himself to O.J Simpson, the non-football player, it’s never a good thing.

Following the divorce filed by his ex-wife Jennifer, the NBA journeyman is clearly elated to finally be on his own. In a video from the guys at TMZ, Williams enjoys his new status as a single man and compares his happiness to the kind that O.J. Simpson felt after his highly controversial first trial, stating, “I’m free like O.J”. Saying that he’s “O.J. happy” may be a bit of an overstatement, but it may certainly feel so after a back and forth media battle between Jennifer and him.  Now she can send as many naked pics to whoever she likes.

Considering all the drama that has followed the couple and the headlines they make, I am sure that they both have no problem with the divorce.

Here, you can catch the video of Williams’ speaking about Jennifer’s filing of a divorce and his nonchalance is obvious.

Hopefully, Eric Williams doesn’t have to feel the emotions O.J. felt during his subsequent trials.

Jennifer Williams for her part, has moved on with a white boy.

Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams Has a New Boyfriend..White Boy Lucas


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