Former NFL Players File Concussion Lawsuit Against the League

Just when you thought lawsuits against the NFL was close to a screeching halt, former players have brought up another issue that might have the NFL digging in their pockets once again.

Seventy-five former NFL filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court this week, alleging that the NFL covered up the harmful effects of concussions since 1920.

TMZ obtained the lawsuit, which read:

The suit claims the NFL commissioned a study in 1994, titled “NFL Committee on MIld Traumatic Brain Injury” and published a report in 2004, concluding there was “no evidence of worsening injury or chronic cumulative effects” from multiple concussions.

And, the suit alleges, it was not until June, 2010, that the NFL acknowledged concussions can lead to dementia, memory loss, CTE and related symptoms. All of the players are claiming they suffered injuries as a result of multiple concussions.

In addition to the NFL being sued for fraud, negligence and failure to warn, Riddell, the manufacturer of NFL helmets is also a defendant in the case.

After the deaths of Dave Duerson and John Mackey, the NFL might be looking at a battle with former players that is already in favor of the former NFLers. These proceeding might take years to prove but it looks like the retired players are ready to finally be compensated for their service to the league.