Get Your Nick Gilbert (Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert’s Son) Fathead

I hope the Cavs with these new draft picks at least become a respectable team. It seems like there is some enthusiasm about next year’s squad and that is a good thing.

The best way to get over losing a model girlfriend is baby steps. Date the drive thru girl at Popeyes for a few months to help get your self esteem back. She isn’t a model, but you get free 3 piece with red beans and rice.  Win small battles first before going into the big war.

Dan Gilbert rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with his handling post Lebron, but everyone seems to like his son Nick Gilbert, so you can get his fathead if you like (Dan Gilbert owns Fathead).

The best thing Dan Gilbert can do right now is keep Miss Hawaii as far away from Cleveland as possible.

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  • While this post is common in this day and age, this is continuing to be something that needs to be commented on. It was a good article.

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