Gucci Mane “EA SPORTS” Neck Tattoo


Yeah I know it doesn’t really mean EA Sports, but it is the summer, the NFL & NBA are locked out, so work with me here.

We are going to pretend that it is a EA Sports tattoo, just so I can ask if Gucci Mane is a fan of the Madden Franchise, what we do know is Gucci is a fan of strip clubs (you see that smooth transition)

After months of incarceration and several false reports, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is officially now a free man. The Atlanta rapper was released from prison late last night (July 5th). He took to Twitter to announce a new mixtape and his welcome home party. Gucci Mane celebrated his release by hosting the “Welcome Home Party” at Club Onyx in Atlanta.

Gucci Mane had been incarcerated since April, when he was accused of assault, for pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle, when she allegedly refused his propositioned for sex.

From the jail to the strip club, sounds about right.

By the way I think the EA stands for “East Atlanta”, if I am wrong please correct me.


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