Hines Ward Could Miss All of Training Camp With Injury..But Where is Media Outrage?

Ward knew he had an injury that needed to be addressed.

Instead of addressing it immediately he went on Dancing with the Stars.

Granted he did win the entire competition and received a celebration in the city of Pittsburgh, but if I am not mistaken other players who do off the field activities are vilified in the media even if they aren’t hurt.

But wait………….Ward has media protection I forgot.

Steelers WR Hines Ward, on the physically unable to perform list with a thumb injury, could miss all of training camp. He might be out for several weeks, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Ward had surgery in early June to repair a ligament injury incurred last season.

Almost any other player who would have postponed surgery to go on a dancing show would have been destroyed in the media for being selfish and a diva.

Has nothing to do with Ward, nothing personal against him, it is the media hypocrisy that I want you to understand.

Ward who has been branded a “dirty player” by peers, held out for more money while under contract and now put off a surgery because he wanted to do the 2 step, has rarely been called out by the media.

Oh lets not forget Ward was also busted for DUI, but everyone has conveniently forgotten about that.

Simply put just remember when Tom Jackson and his doo-doo brown suits and others are whining about “diva” players just note how they conveniently ignore the ones they like.

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  • Aren’t you part of the media? You are talking about it, ergo the media is talking about it…

    • Education, boys and girls, is a powerful thing.

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