Inside Look at Brooklyn Nets Barclays Center Arena


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My original thoughts are this.

1- It looks like a bigger 40/40 Club.

2- Wouldn’t the name be so much better if the Nets were renamed to the Brooklyn Brawlers.

Here are a few more details.

Team officials yesterday unveiled renderings of interior spaces for the $1 billion Barclays Center in Prospect Heights — and the sights are dramatic.

Basketball fans will be welcomed at the main entrance by a grand atrium, which intersects with a team merchandise store, sweeping main concourse, a practice-court-viewing window and box office.

Other highlights include the Legends Lounge, a two-sided bar on the main concourse with a platform offering views into the bowl area.

Nearby is the Beers of the World bar, tastefully framed with reclaimed wood and accented with a handcrafted feature wall made of beer bottle caps.

I think Nets will be a good team once they leave New Jersey, they will never compete with the history of the Knicks, but I think they can carve their own niche.

They really need Deron Williams to resign because without him they have little to no chance to sign another big time free agent.

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  • I like Brooklyn Brawlers but I have an even better name if Jay z is listening

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