John Calipari Recruiting NBA Players to Kentucky…

Hardcore high school and college basketball enthusiasts had been wondering when Kentucky would begin their recruting pitch to the top talent around the country.   Apparently, Kentucky head coach John Calipari was waiting for the June 30th deadline for the NBA lockout to kick in.  Being the master recruiter he is, Calipari has extended an invite to former Kentucky players to return to their alma mater while coping with the NBA lockout.  Via everyone’s favorite outlet “twitter”, Calipari made it clear that Kentucky’s facilities are open if needed.

Calipari even extended the invite to former Wildcats to further enrich themselves educationally.

All kidding aside, this is why Kentucky and more specifically John Calipari reels in five star recruits year after year.  With an allowance of 140 characters, it’s quite possible that Coach Cal piqued the interest of not only some of the top high school players across the country but their parents as well.

In nary a text message or a home visit, Calipari let it be known that Kentucky will always take care of its own and values education.  Indirect recruiting, just another benefit of twitter.

3 thoughts on “John Calipari Recruiting NBA Players to Kentucky…

  • Seriously!! UNC has been doing this for years, no need to advertise. Kendall Marshall turned an invite to play for USA basketball so that he could stay at UNC and play against better competition. Calipari is just a sleeze, every where he goes the programs get in trouble as soon as he is out the door.

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