JR Smith Threatens To Send The Goons To Settle Twitter Beef


JR Smith isn’t the brightest guy around, but he should know some common GOON RULES.

1- You don’t tell the person who you are beefing with that you are sending the GOONS.

2- Real GOONS don’t tweet threats.

3- GOONS don’t shoot like 12% from 3.

4- Just because you are tatted up doesn’t means you are a GOON.

5- Because you tweet like a crip, doesn’t mean you are Gang Banging GOON.

JR Smith isn’t having anyone do anything, go plank or something.


  1. Deshawn Stevenson tweets like a crip, this clown tweets like, well a clown. A clown trying to be tough with a suicide girl for a girlfriend but nonetheless a clown.

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