Kenny Britt Being Sued Over October Bar Fight


When the lockout finally ends, Kenny Britt may be unavailable to the Tennesee Titans simply because he’s going to be spending all of his time in court. He’s had theft charges, high speed chases with the police and baby mama drama in just this one off-season. Now you can add a lawsuit for assault to that list.

According to the Nashville City Paper, Harold Pointer says Britt and another man attacked him in a Nashville bar back in October. Now Pointer is suing the two men and the bar for assault, battery and negligence and asking for $150,000 in punitive and compensatory damages.

The incident in question happened just before 2 a.m. Friday, Oct. 22, 2010, when Pointer claims in the suit he and an acquaintance witnessed Britt and Miser escorted out of the bar by security following a “physical altercation.”

After Britt and Miser were allowed back in the bar a short time later, Pointer claims Britt kept pointing him out from the across the room before approaching him, pointing his finger in Pointer’s face and yelling at him belligerently.

Pointer’s acquaintance tried to explain to Britt and Miser that Pointer wasn’t involved in the early altercation. Later, when Pointer walked up to the bar after things appeared to have calmed down, according to the court filing, Miser allegedly smacked Pointer on the head with a glass bottle, which led to a scuffled on the floor.

Pointer alleges that Miser and Britt both “continued to gang” him, hitting him repeatedly until security removed the two from him.

The suit goes on to state that Karma’s security “encouraged” Pointer not to press charges against his alleged attackers.

It seems like when Kenny gets drunk he turns into Likes To Fight Guy. But after being escorted out after an altercation, he’s allowed back inside to possibly start another incident? No wonder the bar was trying to keep this whole thing quiet. And apparently Britt’s eyesight isn’t all that great if he and his boys are attacking people who were never involved in the first place.

Add it all up to his more recent transgressions and Britt is in serious need of a mentor. Now that Michael Vick looks to have gotten his life back on track maybe Tony Dungy is available. Either that or someone needs to get Britt (the Bayonne, NJ native and former Rutgers star) booked on the next season of “Jersey Shore: Music City”.