Marty Mornhinweg: Michael Vick Could Be Better than Steve Young

SLOW DOWN………………..

Sometimes coaches, similar to fans get caught up in the hype, especially if the player is on their team. Marty Mornhinweg is the offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, so of course he is going to say good things about Michael Vick, but I think he went a little bit to far with this one.

Marty Mornhinweg spent three seasons as the offensive coordinator of the 49ers, with Steve Young running his offense. Now Mornhinweg has the same title in Philadelphia, with Michael Vick running his offense.

Young is a Hall of Famer and one of the NFL’s all-time great quarterbacks, but Mornhinweg thinks Vick can be better.

“I thought he could be a Steve Young-type player,” Mornhinweg told “Mike’s got a long way to go, but, you know what? I think he can be better than Steve.”

I am not saying it is impossible, but highly unlikely that Vick ever reaches the quarterbacking skill level of Steve Young.  Athletically Vick has all of the tools, but being a quarterback is so much more.

When it all clicked for Young you could say he was one of the best quarterbacks ever.  That is a tall order for Vick to live up to.  But just like Young and every other quarterback in history, he needs that ring to even be in these type of discussions.

If Vick was every to get to a Young like level, it would be a wrap for the league, curious to see his progression this year as the undisputed starter.

3 thoughts on “Marty Mornhinweg: Michael Vick Could Be Better than Steve Young

  • as an eagle fan this is nothing new really. Marty has been singing vicks praises since last year. As a person who has coached both players if he sees similarities than I would agree with him. Marty is one of the premier qb coaches in the game. Young is some large shoes for vick to fill but I beleive he will become the qb everyone feared he would.

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