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Miami Dolphins Focused On Kyle Orton After Landing Reggie Bush

by BSO Staff | Posted on Thursday, July 28th, 2011
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You knew the Miami Dolphins weren’t going to sit back and watch the Patriots and Jets make moves and remain idle..

Former Saints running back Reggie Bush agreed to a two-year deal today with the Dolphins permitting the Saints-Dolphins trade to go through.

Bush never realized his potential in New Orleans, though he was a very serviceable player. I’m sure that Dolphins’ offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will find many creative ways to use Bush, just like he did with Josh Cribbs in Cleveland.While Bush won’t put up Chris Johnson stats but he can dramatically change the way defenses approach the Dolphins.

The Dolphins have not stopped their offensive makeover the latest reports indicate that they are interested in Broncos’ QB Kyle Orton and are very close to a deal that would bring him to Miami.

It has apparent for a while that Tebow and Orton were not going to co-exist in Denver together as the latter made it clear that he wasn’t going to be a backup quarterback. Still, Orton did attend the player organized workouts that were held during the lockout and has been a model citizen. Though we are all expecting a deal, Kyle Orton is showing no signs of being a man on the move. According to Michelle Beisner of NFL Network, Kyle Orton arrived at the Broncos’ facility today and practiced along with Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn. As of right now, he is a member of the Denver Broncos though trade talks continue.

Should Orton land in Miami, he would be accepted with open arms by the organization. Chad Henne has failed to wow the Dolphins in any way and it looks like he will have to battle Orton for the starting job. There was a time when I would have shrieked at the thought of Kyle Orton being my starting quarterback but he has really stepped his game up ever since leaving Chicago. Once a game-manager, Orton has proved that he can “air it out” when needed and that he can make all the necessary throws to be a viable NFL quarterback.

The only knock on Orton is that some feel as if he lacks the passion and fire for the game — which is about the only category Tim Tebow defeats him in.

Regardless, Orton would be a big upgrade for the Dolphins at the quarterback position. With Kyle Orton, Reggie Bush, and Brandon Marshall, the Dolphins seem to be creating a solid offensive core that would be sure to give the Patriots and Jets some trouble in that division.

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