Michael Vick Signs New Endorsement Deal With Fuse Science

The dollars keep rolling in for Mike Vick.

According to Darren Rovell of CNBC, Vick has signed a new deal with Fuse Science a company that makes Energel, Power & Energy Drops.  My theory has always been on athletes who run afoul of the law or are caught up in scandal was as long as they perform at a high level on the field everything will be forgiven.

It happened with Kobe Bryant and it has happening with Michael Vick.

Deep down people only care about what is happening on the field.  Only a small percentage hold a grudge and they aren’t true sports fans.

If Tiger Woods would have won a few majors after his divorce no one would care about his personally life, but since he hasn’t people are still going to dwell on it.

The key for Vick is keep his performance at a high level, if he does that the money and sponsors will keep running back to him.

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