Mo & Kita Try To Explain How T.O. Tore His ACL..Fail Miserably

Is it just me or do Kita and Mo act more like Terrell Owens’ baby sisters than his publicists?

Considering T.O.’s reputation they aren’t doing a very good job.  They tried to clear up when, where and how T.O. tore his ACL and as you see from the video below they failed woefully short of achieving a coherent answer.

Jocks and Stiletto Jill has the details:

The third season of the show was to feature T.O. and Kita Williams (one half of his dynamic PR duo) as roommates in Miami while Terrell is sorting through his love life, being without a team (again) and his new business venture, a women’s fitness workout (is your light bulb flashing yet?)

Over the weekend Kita and Monique were asked about the injury and it’s origins on a red carpet. Let’s just say that the response did nothing to make the situation clear. In fact, I think I’m even more confused!

Is there anything more obvious as Kita being totally in love with Terrell Owens?

She needs to just tell him and get it over with.

2 thoughts on “Mo & Kita Try To Explain How T.O. Tore His ACL..Fail Miserably

  • Say what???????

    Just a bunch of jibberish

  • these are the two young ladies he is allowing to manage his career? no wonder his career has been going down the drain, he needs to save up some cash cause its about time to hang up those cleats

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