New Details Emerge from Cedric Benson Arrest


Yesterday, we reported that Bengals Cedric Benson had been charged with assault of a family member. Story here. Well, new details have emerged.

According to police, Benson reportedly approached a former roommate at an Austin street corner at 5 a.m. Sunday, and repeatedly struck him in the face. According to the arrest affidavit, the victim ,a former roommate, Clavens Charles was approached by a “hostile and aggressive” Benson. He then told him they needed to talk about their problems. Afterwards, the two began to argue, and that’s when Benson allegedly punched him in the left side of his face multiple times.

“The two had difficulties resulting from Mr. Benson asking the former male roommate to leave his home a few days prior to this incident,” said Benson’s lawyer Sam Bassett in a written statement.

Benson, a former UT Longhorn Football Player, has been arrested three other times in the Austin area.

In June 2010, Benson was accused of punching a West 6th Street bar employee.

In May 2008, Lower Colorado River Authority officers charged Benson with boating while intoxicated at Lake Travis.

In June 2008, Benson was arrested in downtown Austin and charged with driving while intoxicated.

Benson still has to appear in court for his arrest last year in Austin, so this most recent arrest is not a good look for him. It’s equally bad for the Bengals,as a large question during the lockout is whether or not NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can apply the league’s conduct policy to players who are, technically, not employees of the league.

If Goodell is given this authority, he could suspend Benson, for his second arrest in a year. So how do the Bengals structure a contract offer, if they don’t know whether or not Benson will be suspended for the beginning of the season? Once the lockout ends, teams will only have 72 hours to negotiate exclusively with their own free agents, which isn’t enough time for Goodell to impose a penalty, nor enough time for the Bengals to make an informed decision.

Regardless, there is one thing that is for sure: Benson needs to leave Austin. Because when he is in his old stomping grounds, trouble is sure to follow.


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