NFL Player Adewale Ogunleye Suing Housekeeper For Eating Cake & Sleeping in His Bed


We have a classic case of Goldilocks & The Three Bears.

I am pretty sure this happens often.  Athletes and entertainers have condos, apartments and houses spread out all over the place that they may only use a few times a year, so the staff takes liberties in regards to hanging out in those houses when they aren’t there.

The problem arises when the person shows up and then you have a situation like this with NFL Free Agent Adewale Ogunleye.

Ogunleye, a defensive end, sued Morgans Hotel Group Management dba Mondrian South Beach, and its employee Daniel Anaya.

Ogunleye says he got home early one morning around 3:30 a.m. to find “the silhouette of a large male behind the glass bathroom door. It appeared that the individual was bracing the door so it could not be opened.”

Backing up and preparing to bolt, Ogunleye says, he asked the intruder who he was.

“The intruder responded, ‘Roberto, head of housekeeping.'”

Ogunleye says he no longer felt safe at the condo, and told the front desk and the night manager so. “The intruder/trespasser was, in fact, an employee of the Mondrian South Beach that had been making use of Ogunleye’s condominium for some time without being discovered by his employer. That particular evening, the intruder/trespasser had been eating a piece of cake in Ogunleye’s condominium, had his phone charger plugged in, and it appeared to Ogunleye, that he had been napping on the bed.

“The reason that this egregious – and potentially deadly – misconduct was never discovered was because the Mondrian South Beach did not have any procedures or policies in place to protect Ogunleye from this type of misconduct,” Ogunleye said.

It is one thing to hang out at someone house, but how are you going to have cake in their bed? Have some respect at least get a napkin or something.

Leaving crumbs all in a man’s bed is uncivilized and barbaric.

I wonder if the housekeeper was an attractive Brazilian woman would Ogunleye been as upset?

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

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  1. “Leaving crumbs all in a man’s bed is uncivilized and barbaric.” dying laughing… and the answer to..

    “I wonder if the housekeeper was an attractive Brazilian woman would Ogunleye been as upset?” NO!

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