NFL Players Marshawn Lynch & Josh Johnson Give Back to Oakland Youth


Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and his cousin Tampa Bay Bucaneers quarterback Josh Johnson haven’t forgotten where they came from.  Proving that NFL players are doing something constructive with their NFL owner infused free time, the cousins have come together to open a neighborhood center for their bay area centered nonprofit organization. 

Johnson and Lynch will announce their plans to open the Fam 1st Family Foundation center in Oakland by 2013 on today.

Per the foundation’s home page, the mission of the charity is to build the self-esteem and academic learning skills of underprivileged youth through empowerment and education.  The Fam 1st foundation was established four years ago with Johnson and Lynch annually running a football camp for area youth. 

Kudos to Johnson and Lynch for remembering that some are going through some of the same struggles that their family did.  It is these stories that don’t get enough time in the spotlight.


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