Oakland A’s Coco Crisp Gets a Unique Neck Tattoo/Piercing

As if his name wasn’t enough to gain attention and have people talking about him, Coco Crisp has added a new attention-getter to his arsenal.

According to Larry Brown Sports, the Oakland A’s outfielder got attention in Friday’s game after announcers noticed the unique tattoo/piercing combination on Crisp’s neck. The design seems to resemble a bullseye with a piercing in the middle. This one is as unique as Lea from Bad Girls Club\’s chest piercing.

Critics are wondering why the MLB would allow Crisp to keep the piercing, which he reportedly got in May, since it could cause problems during the game.  Not sure how much damage this piercing could cause Crisp, but I’m sure he’s aware of the danger and doesn’t care.

It’s his body and he can pierce what he wants to.

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