Oakland Raiders Newest Cheerleader Susie Sanchez is a Grandmother

I can hear all of the jokes coming in the comments section now. Yes, it’s true. The Oakland Raiders have hired a grandmother for their cheerleader squad.

Susie Sanchez is a 37-year-old dancer who has just been assigned as a sideline cheerleader for the Raiders in the 2011-12 season. Sanchez is not your typical thought when you think of a grandmother. She’s a mother of three and grandmother of one but still managed to impress the cheerleading squad after multiple auditions.

From the Hollister Pinnacle:

Sanchez again impressed the judges with her dancing ability, skill and presence later that week — she had been dancing since she was 8, after all — and she can now safely say she is the oldest member of the Raiderettes as well.

“I just started crying,” she said after she heard her number called — lucky No. 45. “It was like, ‘wow.’ I was overwhelmed with emotion … just never give up.”

While you may have never heard of a woman this old being a cheerleader, she isn’t the first grandmother to cheer for the Raiders. That honor belongs to Kathy Ferrin who was a Raiderette in the 2003-04 season.

As uncommon as it may seem, Sanchez isn’t the oldest cheerleader in the league. The Bengals’ Laura Vikmanis is 42-years-old and still going strong as a cheerleader. I guess Jay-Z was right when he said, “30’s the new 20…”

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