Pacers Dahntay Jones Marries The Game’s Ex Fiancee’ Valeisha Butterfield


Don’t really care that Miss Butterfield gets around a bit, but there is one thing that concerns me and I will get to it after you read the details.

Marrying a baller seems even more the thing to do these days.  Valeisha was at one point engaged to rapper Game, but that un-surprisingly didn’t work out.  And she’s also the ex-girlfriend of BET’s Terrence J.

Now, the Indiana Pacers star and Valeisha are getting married at her family’s estate in North Carolina this summer.  And they have this fab new engagement photo to boot.

The bride-to-be served in the Obama Administration from 2009 – 2011.  And she’s also the co-founder and chair of the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN).

Here is my issue, on what planet is Dahntay Jones a NBA STAR?

I see this often on sites that don’t cover sports regularly from TMZ to random blogspots.  Just because a player is or has been in the league doesn’t make them a star.

The proper way to describe this would be………

Indiana Pacers ROLE PLAYER Dahntay Jones engaged to Valeisha Butterfield.

If you need consultations I am available.


It looks like the happy couple are now married.  Announced on twitter of course.

@valeisha: I’m officially Mrs. Dahntay L. Jones. God is a wonderful God.


  1. “Don’t really care that Ms. Butterfield gets around…” – really? Do you know that she gets around, or are you just aware of who she’s dated in the past? We all have a past…especially when you’re over 30. That doesn’t warrant someone drawing the kind of conclusions you’ve elected to. Disturbing…the willingness to go on the web and assassinate the character of someone you don’t even know. And the extraness About this NBA player…who cares! Sounds like you’re on some strange hater train. Jump off and worry about yourself.

  2. Right up front, no hate intended! Nonetheless, I had to comment. Truth be told, I could give less than a darn about Dahntay Jones or Valeisha, but, what other conclusions could be drawn about Valeisha from what was reported in this article? She has been romantically associated with several “high-powered” (at least in the urban community) guys. Should we take from that that she is some sort of scholar or self-made woman in the same ilk as Oprah? I mean, for real. Whether the author would have pointed out that she got around or not, the proof was already in the pudding after reading the story. If there is a dispute of the facts in the story, let’s hear it. For instance, say she is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree or running some non profit group to assist wayward girls. With those facts, a different conclusion might have been drawn.

    We all have a past, but this article was not about all of our pasts. It was about the past of this young lady. And bottom line, like it or not, she gets around.

    • 1. This post listed three guys she’s been with. I hardly call that “getting around”. If that’s the case then there are plenty of people who “get around”.

      2. Let’s role with your logic for a second that her having some sort of accomplishment would “dispute the facts in the story”. Would this qualify?: The bride-to-be served in the Obama Administration from 2009 – 2011. And she’s also the co-founder and chair of the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN).

      So does this change your conclusion about her (I was going to say opinion but I know you don’t care about her)?

      3. Your logic is flawed because being a scholar and “getting around” are not mutually exclusive.

      I’ll be honest I don’t even know who these people are and I don’t care about them either. I just have a real problem with the “getting around” label being thrown around so easily. And for it to be put right up front didn’t sit well with me.

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