Paul Pierce Playing in World Series of Poker

I’m sure we’re in store for more stories on what overseas team NBA players are going to and what they’re doing to occupy their time like this one. The Boston Celtics’ Paul Pierce was seen this weekend playing his cards right in the World Series of Poker.

Pierce cruised through the first session of play at the 2011 World Series of Poker by doubling his chip stack from 30,000 to 62,750, placing himself in a good position for the second round on Monday. The nine-time All-Star is one of a handful of celebrities who are playing in the tournament, including Ray Romano and Jason Alexander.

This is Pierce’s first time playing in the main event, although he’s been seen playing his hand often in the Foxwoods Casino in Massachusetts.

“I think poker has really helped me develop patience and that helps me in everything I do in life,” Pierce told “It helps me on the basketball court, to be more patient and to be more of a thinking player and to be smarter out there.”

Pierce tried to keep a low-key profile at the tournament, wearing a fitted cap, sunglasses and headphones under a hoodie which was pulled over his head.  Pierce made small talk with the players at the table and missed a few hands to take pictures with fans.

If the lockout continues on for too long, we wouldn’t have to worry about Pierce being broke. As long as he doesn’t follow the financial blueprint of his former comrade Antoine Walker.

One thought on “Paul Pierce Playing in World Series of Poker

  • Low key? He has been wearing his NBA championship ring and a hat with 34 on it the entire time,…hardly low key 😛 The main event started this week, but it isn’t the first World Series of Poker event Pierce has played, I believe it is his 3rd or 4th this year…

    Also, Shawn Marion has been playing a few of them as well.

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