PETA Sends Letter To Darnell Dockett About Pet Alligator

Whenever you hear or read an out-of-the-ordinary story about an athlete and an animal expect a response from PETA. Last week, we told you that Arizona Cardinal defensive end Darnell Dockett bought a pet alligator, “Nino.” As suspected, PETA was not happy about this piece of news and sent Darnell a letter protesting his purchase of the gator.

Here are the details.

“Alligators in the wild roam freely with members of their own kind, travel long distances, and thrive in the rivers and lakes that they call home,” wrote PETA President Michelle Cho. “When confined, wild animals will exhibit neurotic and self-destructive behaviors because of extreme boredom, stress, and frustration at being unable to engage in natural behaviors. Keeping an alligator as a pet is simply unfair to the animal.”

“By their very nature, these animals are unpredictable and can inflict serious harm,” Cho wrote. “You would be held liable for any damage, injuries, or illnesses caused by the alligator.”

I usually don’t side with PETA on anything but I have to agree with them on this one. Besides owning a snake, having a pet alligator is dangerous and stupid. Alligators can snap you in half and eat you alive (see “Lake Placid”).

I hope Darnell gets rid of that thing for real because it takes a lot to care for a wild animal.


One thought on “PETA Sends Letter To Darnell Dockett About Pet Alligator

  • Yeah, Homeslice isn’t gonna be a fan of that gator when it snaps and takes a hunk off his behind or his genitalia. He’s gonna be one of those owners who ends up taking it to a local river and dumping it. People should NOT be allowed to have exotic pets, we already got a problem w/ pythons in the Florida bayou.

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