Philadelphia Eagles Interested In Brett Favre?

All signs point to the lockout ending very soon .. **Thank God**

Therefore, we can expect credible NFL News regarding free agency signings and trades in the near future. But for now its just rumors ..

The latest one is that the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in the immortal Brett Favre as a backup to Michael Vick once they trade Kevin Kolb. We are all pretty sure by now that Kevin Kolb will be traded as soon as the lockout ends (probably to Arizona), but the prospect of Favre as a backup is an interesting one, to say the least.

Over the course of the summer, it seems as if the Eagles coaching staff have become more and more comfortable with Mike Kafka (the No. 3 QB) becoming the backup quarterback in Philly. Whether Favre un-retires again to join the Eagles, we don’t know. The only thing that is for sure in the Eagles camp right now is that Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb will both be starting quarterbacks in the fall, with the latter probably in a different uniform.

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