Photo: Erislandy Lara Hideous Knot on His Head After Beating Up Paul Williams

We all know that Lara was robbed.

Paul Williams knows, his trainer knows, the general public knows, the fans in attendance knew, HBO crew was disgusted and twitter almost blew up in rage.

I don’t know if the judges were paid off or blind, but it was one of the worst decisions I have ever seen.  Paul Williams maybe the first boxer in history to be the bigger, taller, stronger man in the ring, throw a 1000 plus punches and none of them have any significance at all.

Lara beat him up.

Left hook after left hook, power shot after power shot and just controlled the entire fight.  If you were being generous you could have given four rounds to Williams, I only gave him three and there was no way he won the seven rounds he needed to win the fight.

I speak about this a lot in boxing.  There are losses and then there are soul taking losses.  HUGE DIFFERENCE between the two.  Williams had a soul taking loss against Sergio Martinez.

He can still fight and beat some lower class guys, but his career as a world class fighter is over.

Williams says he wants a trilogy with Sergio Martinez but unless he wants to end up in the hospital  he might want to rethink that.  Don’t end up like Roy Jones (who spoke in detail about fighters hanging on too long when he is prime example of that), doing coke like Ricky Hatton or suffering damaging knock outs like Jermain Taylor.  Get out while you can.

Lara should be commended not just for beating Williams (I count this as victory for Lara) , but for fighting with that knot on the side of his head.

Even Hasim Rahman was like “damn homie”.

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  • damn what a knot

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