Pics: Bills Stevie Johnson Serena’s Booty Birthday Cake..Literally it is an Ass



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Stevie Johnson is a bit of an odd dude.

He blames God for drop passes, raps Marvin’s Room remixes and wears outfits that Dwyane Wade thinks are funny. With the lockout almost over Johnson decided to throw himself a birthday party.

His birthday cake which appears to have been approved by his girlfriend is of a woman’s ass in a thong (inspired by Serena maybe?). Either his girlfriend is coolest lady on the planet or she just like being a ballers girlfriend.

I have had one of those erotic cakes before (at my boys’ bachelor party it was shaped like Janet Jackson) and they normally taste awful, but I digress.


  1. That is his wife not his girlfriend. They are from my hometown. They have been together since BEFORE he was a baller. Get your facts right BSO, y’all are sounding like media takeout…extra tacky.

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