Pics: Chris Bosh & Adrienne Williams’ Booty Chilling in Saint Tropez


Chris Bosh is smarter than we give him credit for.

Unless you were a real basketball fan, you didn’t even know who he was until he signed with the Miami.  Regardless if you think he is part of the Big 3 or not, history will always have his name attached to Lebron’s decision.

He was in a bit of an unstable relationship with his baby momma, but was able to upgrade to Adrienne who seems very content to be a real NBA Wife.

Plus she has a donk.

Bosh won? Well not the NBA Championship, but people will always blame Lebron for that.


  1. If YOU mean being an NBA Wife as in A BEARD for a Dude that LQQKS and ACTS like He’s Sweeter than A Sugar-Coated Sugar-Cane STICK…

    Then YEAH, She’s perfect for THAT !!! ***LMAO***

  2. i am surprised that boat didnt tip over there is a hole lot of ass on one side she should a a wide load tattoo across that ass just saying

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