Pics: Chris Bosh & Adrienne Williams Chilling in the Hamptons


No one knows if Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams are married or not.  Doesn’t really matter not like Lebron and D Wade are going to show up anyway.

Bosh and his lady were hanging out in the Hamptons doing what people in the Hamptons do.  I’ll let the Hamptons experts from break it all down.

Chris Bosh and wifey Adrienne (look, I don’t know if they got married in April and the ceremony is just in a few days or this is the real thing. wifey covers both k? OK!!) are spending the 4th of July weekend in the Hamptons.

In addition to the sun and fun, the couple stopped by the Gallery Valentine in East Hampton for the opening with Ocean Drive magazine co-founder Jason Binn. One of the artist’s work featured was the great Andy Warhol…

Chilling with Andy Warhol?

I think I have a hat like Bosh is rocking, don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.


    • IT DOESN’T and Exactly HOW DOES my comment which doesn’t have A DAMN THING to do with YOU affects YOURS ?!!?

  1. they make a nice couple. I bet his baby mama is sitting around being bitter every time she sees the pic. She probably thought she was the one who would be having that ring. I wonder did she really just happen to get pregnant? or did it happen on purpose to either try to keep him or get some cash?

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