Pics: Deion Sanders Black and Red Gala

I fueled the BSO Jet and headed down to the ATL to cover the Deion Sanders Youth Football Tournament and his Black and Red Gala celebrating his Hall of Fame induction.

Proceeds from the Gala also went to charity.

Anything that has Deion Sanders name attached to it you knew would be a star studded event and this was no different.

Everyone was dressed for Prime Time.

Check out the pics and tomorrow we will have an exclusive interview with the man himself Deion Sanders.


I forgot something

For my brothers………….

Pilar Sanders was in attendance and looking as you would expect BSO #1 Athlete Wife to look. Even better in person fellas.

2 thoughts on “Pics: Deion Sanders Black and Red Gala

  • Ok, so I got my glimpse during the photo shoot. The purple jersey (Not sure if ECHL does white at home or the road) has the logo with the text, as you have in the picture at the top of the page. The white jersey just has “Shades” in the sun logo. No shoulder yokes or stripes, but there is a triangular and diagonal mish-mash of teal, purple, and black on the sides and undersides of the arms. The paw in the sun logo is a shoulder patch on both sweaters. The white jersey looked better, in my opinion, because I do not like text on a jersey.

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