Pics: Floyd Mayweather Sets $100 Bill On Fire at The Velvet Room in Atlanta


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We can safely assume that Mayweather hasn’t started his training for the Victor Ortiz fight.

This reminds me of Rocky III when Rocky was super famous didn’t take his training very seriously while Clubber Lang was in the dungeon getting prepared.

If I was Ortiz at the next press conference I would say this to Floyd’s lady Shantel Jackson.


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Slightly off topic, but check out Lil Kim’s groupie focus on Floyd in the pics above, she is oblivious to the fact he is burning bills, she is much more concerned about the bills Floyd has in his hands.

I don’t know if the guy holding the $100 is a yes man or just a random fan, I just hope that it wasn’t his money he was burning trying to floss at the club. He going to be mad when his cell phone gets cut off because he needed that $100.

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