Pics: Floyd Mayweather’s New Girlfriend Playboy Model Jessica Burciaga?


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50 Cent was celebrating his birthday with his BFF Money Mayweather in Vegas.

It appears Mayweather has dropped his previous lady Shantel Jackson and upgraded to Playboy Model Jessica Burciaga. Either that or she is just the flavor of the month.

Here she is with 50 Cent’s latest girl toy Daphene at the Party.

I know what you want my brothers.

Here are Jessica Burciaga Playboy Pics remember they are NSFW.


Sources tell us that Jessica Burciaga is actually friends with Shantel Jackson.

7 thoughts on “Pics: Floyd Mayweather’s New Girlfriend Playboy Model Jessica Burciaga?

  • different strokes for different folks. If I had that type of money I would not mess with these video models since they are known for using guys to help build there careers. How many video models or twodels became popular only based on there looks? very few, they usually find a dumb athlete, rapper, or anyone in the spotlight and become known for dating such and such. Just like those birds on basketball wives.

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    • Im not sure why people worry about who Jessica Burciaga is dating its none of their business who she see’s just as long as she’s happy and they have feelings for each other is the only thing that really matters.And who cares if she is mixed race and he is black, hey to each his own so live and let live everybody..Jessica I hope your happy with this guy and hopefully the two of you will be together a long time and maybe even get married..Just as long as you are happy thats what counts here,,God bless you and keep you safe

    • Joey Mad you are about as ignorant as your statement. No wonder the world is as fucked up as it is now because of simple minded fools like you. Men and women are made to be with each other where in the hell does it say you have to be a certain color to be happy? Why don’t you get together with the other fools who think like you and clean your brains out with a 12 gauge.

  • its just a damn RUMOR people.. god damn, you really believe everything you read on the internet? haha, if you do, you really must be a dumb ass.. yep a dumb ass. mind your own damn business and who ever the big ass black dude that published the rumor is the biggest dumb fuck of all


    • and then there was greg …another redneck , small dick, simple minded fuck who is afraid of the power of the black man. That’s why the only way he can vent is on here without having to worry about any type of assbeating which may be forthcoming from a Ill bet you any amount of money you wouldn’t call floyd or 50 a nig to their face. Se how long you still would have a face.

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