Pics: Laura Govan Says She is Going on Basketball Wives: LA Not for Fame



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I don’t like liars and fake people.  If you are honest, it doesn’t matter what you do, I will wish you well and keep it moving.  It is only when you insult my intelligence that I have to call you out.

Gilbert Arenas who is suing to keep his baby mama off the show already broke down how he felt about the situation (Gilbert Arenas’ LONG Twitter Rant about The Basketball Wives & Laura Govan)

Here is what Laura Govan had to say about why she wanted to be on Basketball Wives: LA, courtesy of

“I just wanted to showcase a new chapter in my life, a fresh start, a fresh outlook on life as a single mom.

I just showcase who I am,” she said. “My needs, my wants, my frustrations.”


And I post these stories about the Almost Basketball Wives because I really care about these ladies lives.

Just be honest, you are a career Almost Basketball Wife. You like ballers, there is nothing wrong with that. You tried to upgrade from Arenas to Shaq. You have the Evelyn Lozada playbook in your baby bag. You are going on the Almost Basketball Wives, because you want to be famous and in the spotlight.

You aren’t fooling us, so stop trying to convince yourself.


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