Pics: Lil Kim Stops By Floyd Mayweather’s Training Camp


This can’t be good for Floyd right?

Lil Kim and Money Mayweather have been hanging out a lot recently.  Some reports are saying that they are more than just friends, but that is irrelevant to the point.

You don’t see Jay Z hanging around with Amil anymore do you?

If you are Floyd Mayweather the undefeated pound for pound king should you really be hanging around with someone who has sliced up her face like this???

The one thing I know about Floyd is even though he is partying and having a good time he is dedicated to his craft, but to a casual fan it may appear he isn’t taking his fight with Victor Ortiz very seriously.

It is a a classic Rocky 3 situation.

While Floyd is hanging out with the Paypal Queen and Basketball Wives Ortiz is doing this.

Nicki Minaj when she isn’t being slapped around by her boyfriend approves this post.


  1. Wow dude WHY did you just hate on Kim like that??!!! So basically he should be running around with a white woman like the typical black athlete???? WOW!! You are Truly at HATER!!! But, anyway, Floyd and Kim its a good look, love it!! Let the haters HATE, thats what they do, including this hater of this post. He looks like he he needs to go under the knife as well.

  2. That was a foul piece. It’s like you can only get real writers on MTV or Vibe. That’s crazy to talk about KIM like that. She’s iconic in rap. You also didn’t mention she just signed with Universal Music Group.

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