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Pics: Serena Williams’ Booty at 2011 ESPYs Awards

by Robert Littal | Posted on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
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Do the ESPYs have an award for “Best Booty”?

Serena would win that in a landslide, she would be Obama everyone else John McCain. Just in case you aren’t an “Ass Man” the puppies were out of well. Where is Jerry Lawler when you need him?

She shut down the ESPYs with just a few steps in those Red Bottoms.

Serena Williams relaxes at the beach in Miami Beach_ FL. She received a foot massage on her beach chair before taking a dip in the ocean. Serena wore a two piece swimsuit_ with a pink top and leopard print bottom. _P_ Pictured_ Serena Williams _B_Ref_ SPL267248 160411 __B__BR__ Picture by_ Pichichi _ Splash News_BR__ __P__P_ _B_Splash News and Pictures__B__BR__ Los Angeles_ 310_821_2666_BR__ New York_ 212_619_2666_BR__ London_ 870_934_2666_BR__ photodesk_splashnews.com_BR__ __P_

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Serena Williams relaxes at the beach in Miami Beach_ FL. She received a foot massage on her beach chair before taking a dip in the ocean. Serena wore a two piece swimsuit_ with a pink top and leopard print bottom. _P_Pictured_ Serena Williams_B_Ref_ SPL267248 160411 __B__BR__Picture by_ Pichichi _ Splash News_BR____P__P__B_Splash News and Pictures__B__BR__Los Angeles_310_821_2666_BR__New York_212_619_2666_BR__London_870_934_2666_BR__photodesk_splashnews.com_BR____P_

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  1. puerto-black says:


  2. LB says:

    Well Damn…..

  3. ThaDogg says:

    I’m a guy and found her dress at an awards events to be whorish. C’mon Serena, show some class. Tight dress, cleavage showing, dressing like a call girl / hooker don’t you think. This is not the BET awards, our black women for some reason think every event calls for them to dress like a ho, save that for rap music videos. Serena is feeling her way to much these past years, only niggas are impress by this, I’m not one and calling it like I see it.

    • kim says:

      I beg to differ. What would you have her wear, a nun’s outfit. I guess the skin tight outfits of Brooklyn Decker and Lindsey Vonn were fine for your astute ESPY fashion eye. Serena Williams is an accomplished, wealthy, curvy, athletic chocolate sista. She is proud of her body, and dammit so am I.

    • Ginger says:

      Whether she is HawT, hot or not she “professes” to be one of Jehovah’s Winesses and as such she shouldn’t be doing 1/20 of the things she does(according to the tenets of HER religion). The nude shots were one thing, the shots of her ______ getting out of a car were really sketchy.I hope she doesn’t market herself by sex if she wants her handbag and nail polish line to sell.BTW I am NOT a JW, she is and I don’t like hypocrites.

      • kim says:

        Hmmm, good point. But, I don’t think she is too worried. Considering she made 12 million last year, and never picked up a racket.

        • Ramses says:

          She is able to make those “off court millions” because too many people are stupid, slave minded drones. They consume people that they have escalated to the level of demi-gods. If Serena says “buy dogshit, I do and it tastes good!”, they will buy it.

      • Linda says:

        Unlike other religions JW are not born one, always one. She may call herself that but she is NOT. To be considered a true JW one must be living a life not out of harmony with the Bible. She has obviously not done anything YET to be disfellowshiped from the organization,, however her status with GOD is seriously questionable. I am a JW and do not consider her a sister that I would have a friendship with as she is clearly spiritually immature and puts herself first in all that she does.

  4. Kevin says:

    I thought the Serena dress was deliciously in taste. Come on folks, we’re talking about a sports awards show, not dinner at the White House. She dressed no different than actresses do at the Oscars. She had the equipment, why not use it.

  5. jacob says:

    Kim has a great point! One i would have totally missed myself but its true. I guess the difference is that Serena’s body oozes sexuality, the kinda body that would have ya pastor lustin’. Whereas Brooklyn’s body is all over the checkout isle at the grocery store.

  6. W.A.Richards. says:

    Serena couldn’t hide her “assets” if she tried. She’s loud and proud! Yummy!!!:::))))

  7. Caroline Wilson says:

    Serena is a talented athlete however she is not attractive at all to me. It is a shame that men of all races judge us as women by our assets and not our hearts. As an attractive black woman it is apparent to me that Serena possesses low self esteem. She is obviously in need of attention negative or not. Serena please understand that your cover gives some doubt for me I chose to look INSIDE OUT.

  8. Gavin White says:

    I grew up a JW but I am not a practicing JW at this time. But for her to profess in the public that she is JW brings reproach upon Jehovah’s name.

  9. JDOGG says:

    It is amazing to me that a woman with big breasts and butt get all this negative attentive. We see hollywood women regardless of what God they worship dress with their T&A out all of the time and no problem. One woman said she is not attractive. Maybe you don’t like dark sistas. She is attractive to a whole lot of people. Everyone is a liar when it comes to God. If not it would not be much sin and crime, sleeping with married men and women in life, hollywood and sports. Come on she looks good and a lot of men and women are just jealous. Especially the men and women who have play the little school girl in the bedroom, the ones at the club hours before church, in the back of the strip club. Come on he or she without sin shut the help up and take that ride to heaven already because you are better than the man upstairs. Get a life perfect people.

  10. Max says:

    Has anyone ever asked if Serena is on steroids? I mean I like a sista with a Phat *** as much as the next guy but her thighs are like massive muscle. That is not just a healthy woman. Isn’t steroids illegal in tennis also? She looked hot though.

  11. Ramses says:

    Uhh, is it just me who is able to see that Serena Williams looks like a whorish drag queen in this and other outfits? This chick has NO class. Guys on this site claiming she is FINE must be down low He/She admirers. I’d like to leave race out of it but let’s be real, no one else does — So as a Blk Man, let it be said that I love our womens posterior genetic advantage, but asses can bee TOO big and abnornal. Plus, her legs look like a man in heels. She has always looked “less than feminine”, even on the court. But hey, if you folks like hard, muscular, dude looking women who wear 30 pounds of bad weave, then ROCK ON. To each his own freakishness.

  12. Ken Martin says:

    I am truly amazed at the lack of “critical thinking” and “font blurting” devoid of rational thought. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME FOLKS! If Serena was white and about 120lbs with the same outfit; she would be considered cute. However, she happens to have curves (as a woman should….. separating her from looking like a boy with long hair like some women do) and is of a darker skin tone, and all of a sudden, she looks trashy? In the very same way, she was bashed for wearing those body suits on the tennis court while her white counter-parts where praised for skirts riding up their “tailpipes” and their off-court activities (Remember Kournikova?) This stinks of JEALOUSY and the fact that people don’t realize this within themselves, stinking of a low IQ. If more of us would use deductive reasoning instead of emotional responses predicated by low esteem in the wake of our own inadequacies, we would not be so transparent in our ignorance. Some of these responses here seem like they’re coming from 12 year olds. It’s a mid-thigh dress…. COME ON PEOPLE. What do you want??????? ….. For her to wrap herself in a bed comforter to make the rest of you feel more confident about your own bodies? The woman is considered sexy be many people and she don’t have to be “half-naked” for those praises. THIS IS REALITY….DEAL WITH IT!

  13. mark says:

    my lord, what a dream girl. i’m white and i love her body.

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  16. Samuel Ojekwe says:


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