Plaxico Burress Meets with Tom Coughlin

Former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress is a free man, a free agent and has been officially reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell from the suspended list.

Burress who was recently released from jail after serving close to two years on a gun-related incident in New York City received his chance to convince his former coach, Tom Coughlin, that he again can be a productive member of the New York Giants in a 90-minute meeting this evening.

He arrived at 6:30 p.m., and left shortly after 8, spending nearly an hour with Coughlin. He then spent 15 minutes each with president John Mara and general manager Jerry Reese.

When he arrived, and again on his way out of the complex, he had conversations with many of his former teammates and coaches, but was not made available to the media as he left via a side door to avoid contact.

While its clear that Coughlin and Burress have had a rocky relationship,  as Burress  was fined repeatedly, its a strong possibility that he will return to his former team.

“It’s not personal for me. It’s business. I can separate the two. I have no ego in terms of what I have to accomplish with regard to him or anybody else. I’m willing to listen.” Coughlin stated this afternoon prior to their meeting.

Only time will tell what the Giants decision will be, but Burress was free to sign with any team as of tonight and can begin practicing as of August 4th. The Eagles and Jets have also expressed interest in Burress and he is set to meet with the Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin tomorrow morning.

It will be interesting to see where he lands – he’s paid his debt, therefore he should be able to move forward with a clean slate. On the toxic scale, where Albert Hanesworth or Pacman Jones are maxed out at 10, Plax comes in at about a 3 or 4. He still has some years in him and will be a good asset  wherever he ends up, as I’m sure he will come cheap and ready to play since he has a lot to prove.

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