Preparing for a less than exciting 4th of July in Sports

As the reality of America’s two biggest sports being locked out sets in, the majority of sports fans are scrambling for non-sports activities to keep them entertained. By this time of the year, basketball and football seasons are over, but you could count on ESPN to give the latest free agent signings or trade news. Unfortunately, there will be none of that.

Teams such as the Panthers and Titans are left in unfortunate positions as their recently drafted QBs of the future cannot even access the team’s playbook. Clubs needed a big time corner have to wait for a new CBA to be put in place to vie for the services of a player such as a Carlos Rogers or a big time player in Nnamdi Asomugha. Simply put, everything is on hold. After one of the most popular NBA campaigns in the post-Jordan era, the league has entered a lockout. Instead of focusing on the prospect of new players such as Kyrie Irving or Ricky Rubio’s long awaited arrival in Minnesota, we’re stuck here debating about LeBron’s barber. I’m not sure if we basketball fans can endure Lebron hairline jokes much longer. We’re gonna have to be more creative as fans as we weather two lockouts.

Fortunately, for there is some baseball. Whether you like MLB or not, it beats not having a baseball season. Aces such as Tim Lincecum (Giants), Felix Hernandez (Mariners), and David Price (Rays) will take the mound for their respective squads on Monday July 4th.

And to those that demand NBA news ..

And as far as the NFL goes, Ochocinco has got us covered

Things can only get better, right?

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