Randy Moss’ Agent: He Expects to Be the Old Randy Moss in 2011

The question is will it be an “Old” Randy Moss in 2011 or the Randy Moss of old.

Moss reminds me a bit of Kobe Bryant in this one specific way, if you have been paying attention you could see the subtle decline, but the talent is so immense that they could mask the breakdowns.

While Kobe is still going strong, Moss finally had the major fall that happens to all great athletes at some point. His agent thinks he will be able to turn back the hands of time in 2011.

Randy Moss went out with a whimper after being claimed off waivers by the Tennessee Titans last season, but his agent expects the “old Randy Moss” to return in 2011.

Agent Joel Segal told NFL.com that Moss is in “freakish shape” after “working out, two-a-days, all spring and summer in West Virginia.”

“He is determined, motivated and quite frankly has a huge chip on his shoulder. Whatever team ends up getting Randy, they’re going to know they’re getting the old Randy Moss,” Segal told NFL.com. “He’s not just coming in to be on the team, he’s going to be Randy Moss — a difference maker.”

I hope this is all true, but I doubt we will ever see the dominant Moss again, but I think he can have some solid seasons as he ends his career if he gets with the proper team.

I think he needs to go somewhere with a dominant #1 WR, since I still think he can burn most cornerbacks who aren’t the main shut down ones.

He will get an opportunity, curious to see how it goes.

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