Ray Rice, Ryan Clark Trash Talk Via Twitter

Throw one more log on that red-hot Ravens-Steelers fire.

After Hines Ward was arrested on suspicion of DUI over the weekend, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice offered his opinion on Twitter, saying “Well it looks like Hines Ward will miss week 1 when the lockout ends DUI charge not a good look”.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark took notice and responded with “So glad you could Weigh in.Thx”. But Rice wasn’t finished weighing in and fired back with “it’s whatever u wanna do bro you know how to find me.” That prompted Clark to tweet “I hear ya brother.Thought we were all better than that. Wouldnt speak negative of you. I’ll find you!It’s not hard. God bless”.

That was the end of the dialogue between the two players, but Clark wasn’t finished commenting on the issue. His conversation with Rice had gotten the adrenaline going for the season opener against (who else?) the Baltimore Ravens and he wanted to let everyone know about it.

Life is good! More and more reasons to be excited about football! Week 1 just got even better!It’s my fault for respecting those I shouldn’t

And as a capper, he re-affirmed his support for Hines Ward in a response to a fan.

I support Hines to the fullest. I believe his name will be cleared in the end. A great player and better man!

Unlike a pair of wide receivers talking trash to one another, there’s a very real chance that Rice and Clark will actually run into each other on the field of play. It’s also exciting because it reminds you that we could be getting back to the fun part of football very soon.

In the long run, this little piece of trash talk won’t be what motivates either one of these teams in Week One. That kind of emotion generally only lasts until you’re staring out of your earhole. But as a fan of rivalries, this little bit of trash talk is the sort of thing that helps build great ones.

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