Reggie Bush Regrets Draft Night Tweet

Reggie Bush, the 2005 Heisman Trophy winner and starting running back for the New Orleans Saints, recently sat down with ESPN and answered a few interesting questions. Reggie is an often injured, naturally gifted, physically impressive professional athlete and his mouth, more often than not, can get him into trouble. Seeming much more humble than normal, Reggie addressed his draft night tweet, whether he wants to remain a Saint, his injuries and what he would do differently.

I frequently wonder what “his people” say about some of this tweets, comments, etc. Today it seemed like Reggie was playing nice in the sandbox. When asked about his draft night tweet, he stated, “I wish I hadn’t tweeted it.” He went on to explain that he felt as if the team was moving on without him. With the amount of money owed to Bush this upcoming year ($11,800,000 to be exact) Reggie is right to be concerned about his place with the New Orleans Saints.

Regarding his injuries, Reggie explained that it’s harder playing on field turf and that has contributed to his injuries. He did also state that football is a physical sport and injuries are a part of the game. Stating the obvious but there is validity to what he’s saying.

When speaking about remaining in New Orleans, Reggie stated that the Coach (Sean Payton), the owner (Tom Benson) and the general manager (Mickey Loomis) all want him, which I truly believe. Bush is highly successful in Sean Payton’s offense, especially when utilized as a slot receiver. With a healthy Pierre Thomas returning to carry the running load, Reggie could again be an impact player for the high powered New Orleans Saints offense.

Reggie was also asked about the USC scandal and him having to return the Heisman Trophy. Reggie feels as if he ‘s a better person as a result of the fallout and stated that the scandal and everything that happened with USC eats at him every day. He’s focused on the positive now and trying to move past it. Aren’t we all, Reggie?

When asked what the lockout has been for him, which, as a Saints fan, is a concern, Reggie stated that he’s enjoyed him time off but is ready to get back on the field.  Reggie has an amazing skill set and, at times, is one of the most electrifying players on the field. Unfortunately, he’s lacked consistency, the ability to remain healthy, the ability to run north and south and, some would say, the heart to play the game at a professional level. If Reggie dons the black and gold next year, it could truly be a make or break season for him. Saints fans want to win and we’re looking for and expecting great things. Show us what you got, Reggie. Who Dat!!!

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