Ron Artest: I’ve Been Divorced For Years from Kimsha Artest


You can say this is a bit of a surprised because everyone assumed Artest was still married.

Even the producers of the Basketball Wives: LA promoted his “wife” Kimsha starring in the show, but now we know that Metta World Peace has been single for over two years.

TMZ has the story.

We found out Ron quietly got divorced from Kimsha on June 30, 2009.  The couple shares joint custody of their 3 kids and their relationship is extremely amicable — we’re told they get along better than when they were married.

The couple married in 2003.

This sort of takes the steam out of Deadspin exposing Artest’s sexting scandal.

You learn something new everyday.


  1. Well damn…..I’m surprised Metta hasn’t been caught out there more since he’s single but i guess he knows how to handle his jumpoffs….

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