Roy Williams Gets His Ring Back From Brooke Daniels Miss Texas 2009


After yesterday’s news that Roy Williams sent a $76,000 engagement ring in the mail only to have his proposal turned down, the ridicule came fast and furious from all sides. A day later, that’s not going to stop, but at least Roy has his ring back…for what that’s worth emotionally.


Dallas Cowboys star Roy Williams just made a $76,000 reception — snagging the engagement ring he sued beauty queen Brooke Daniels to get  back … TMZ has learned.

Williams recently filed the lawsuit against Brooke — a former Miss Texas USA he dated for about a year — but her mom tells TMZ the ring was returned to Williams’ attorney yesterday near Houston.

At least now Williams can try to recoup some of the money he laid out for the ring. But that’s not going to make the scorn and embarrassment go away. It also makes you wonder how long some NFL players could truly last during a lockout if they’re parted with their money that easily.


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