Shaunie O’Neal Says Shaq Doesn’t See His Kids Even After Retirement


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I find it interesting that Shaunie is talking about parenting skills while producing a show that is no doubt destroying the minds of many young women all over the country.

These subtle shots at Shaq reeks of a bitter woman.

I don’t know why she is mad, she left her first husband for Shaq, she got paid in the divorce, she is hustling VH1 and she has a pool boy boyfriend, what is the problem? has the details.

Well, in a recent interview with Celebuzz, it seems as though Shaunie’s sentiments are still the same:

Celebuzz: Do you and Shaq still maintain a good relationship?

“We’re okay. Since the divorce, it’s been more traumatic for the kids. They don’t get to see him or talk to him very much, like I wish they could. But I double up and I do what I have to do.”

Celebuzz: Now that he’s retired do they get to see him anymore?

“No that’s the [unfortunate] part. That’s what I thought would have happened, but it’s not quite happening that way, so that part’s a little disappointing. I can only do my part, and do it well.”

She was asked a question and maybe she is giving an honest answer which is fine. It was unnecessary bashing, but it is what I would expect from the producer of the Almost Basketball Wives to be messy and dramatic.

If Shaq isn’t seeing his kids that’s awful and there are no excuses for that, but it is something that should be handled out of the public eye not on Celebuzz.

Life isn’t a Reality Show Shaunie.

23 thoughts on “Shaunie O’Neal Says Shaq Doesn’t See His Kids Even After Retirement

  • poor wxcuse of a woman!

  • What the hell? She was asked a question and she answered it honestly. Don’t you think that she and shaq have already discussed this. Who the hell is she supposed to protect? SHAQ? Her first priority are her children not worrying about how the media will perceive her comments. Maybe she feels that this is the only to get Shaq’s attention.

    • Is this the Meka from Basketball Wives? I’m just sayin…

    • She is suppose to protect her children, sometimes that means sucking it up, no matter how right her point. An honest answer could mean,”My ex-husband and his relationship with our children is private”. Children tend to internalize these things, and she should never put them in a position to feel shame, embarrassment, or pick a side. Her statments are akin to throwing shade around the house(he ain’t sh*t, or gossiping on phone in front of kids abt daddy). After all the time they spent together, I’m sure he could say some disparaging things abt her, what would it solve? Sometimes it’s just best shut wha the call the eff UP! Be a Lady, or atleast ACT like one…

  • She’s a SKANK TRICK and Shaq was Extremely FOOLISH in Marrying HER & Having KIDS (WORD!!!)

  • And Shaunie is mother of the year running around with a dude in his 20’s GTFOH

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