Stephen A. Smith Calls Deron Williams Ignorant & a Selfish Fool


Here is what Stephen A. had to say.

The only thing worse than unmitigated selfishness is a selfish fool too preoccupied to notice the collateral damage caused from his actions, and too distracted to care.

Forgive New Jersey Nets star guard, Deron Williams, and his ignorance. The man just doesn’t know any better.

“It’s not good,” one player told me on Thursday, demanding anonymity before saying a word. “Williams’ move makes sense if you’re about getting that cash. Nobody can blame him for that. But when you’re talking about these negotiations, it’s suppose to be about unity.”

“Here’s the bottom line,” a league executive told me Thursday. “Not only does Williams help the Nets by remaining in basketball shape and helping to globalize the brand, but he divides the players in a way without even knowing it.

Yesterday I spoke about Williams considering taking his talents to Turkey and I felt it wasn’t the right move more so for injury concerns than anything else.

To call him ignorant and a selfish fool for wanting to play ball I think is a bit harsh.

The NBA Lockout isn’t about Deron Williams going to Turkey or Michael Beasley smoking weed, it is about the NBA trying to choke out the players because they can’t handle their own spending.

I disagree with Stephen A. I believe if more players go over to Europe it weakens the league’s leverage and strengthens the Union position.

In the NFL the players don’t have a viable second option to play ball, but that isn’t the case in the NBA.

Even if you agree with Stephen A., I believe the language of calling someone ignorant and selfish is too strong in this situation, especially against someone like Deron Williams who doesn’t warrant those type of labels.

Furthermore I think it is much more damning and dividing when players are “talking off the record” to Stephen A.,  than Williams going overseas to play.

I am sure Stephen A. didn’t tell his source he was being moist and a punk by not being man enough to put his name behind the quotes.

Leave the name calling to Skip Bayless, Stephen.


  1. Most times i read an article on this website i think to myself, “how the f#*k are these people actual “writers”, but u gets props on this one. Shit was actually coherent.

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